Having believed in Jesus as our Lord and Savior the only God, we now are compelled to share what we believe. We share our faith through the testimonies of others who also believe by way of interviews and promoting the talents and gifts of those who also believe.

It is our hope that you may know these things to be true for yourselves first by believing God is who He says He is in His word (The Holy Bible) and that it is He who has sent you here to hear about His truth.

It is only our intention to point you to His truth. We cannot make you believe since it is only God that gives faith. But we can share with you our own faith in the hopes that you also may believe.

Although the world seems hopeless at times all is not lost. God has not and will not ever abandon us. We may suffer at times (because of sin) but we are never left to total ruins. This world is only a small drop in an ocean of time. What we believe and therefore do, now will determine what is before us after this world has ended.

Knowing all about the hurt, disappointment, betrayals, and suffering that comes from living in this world we are here to tell you that there is hope, help, and love even now when all may seem hopeless.

God is real and He does know every bit of pain we suffer. He loving us so much also suffered for our sake when He came down from heaven as a man (Jesus) to also be hurt, disappointed, betrayed, and suffer to the point of being put to death so that we may live forever when this one drop in an ocean of time has passed.

We are here to serve God by serving you through our talents and gifts so that you too may know and have the same hope through Jesus Christ our Lord, the chief Corner Stone of our faith.