We are they who believe in ONE God, The Father Almighty, The maker of all things visible and invisible.
The same God that came down to earth as a man, born of a virgin and conceived of The Holy Spirit. We believe this by faith, faith given from God, not owed, nor could we earn it.

We believe that this God (The Father) and man (Jesus) and Holy Spirit are one God in three persons. Nothing being impossible for God it is easy for us to believe that He is One God yet three persons.
It is only by faith through the grace of God do we know that we know that these things are so.

We are not a church, denomination, or religion. We are simply people of faith in this ONE TRUE GOD who believe that He was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever GOD and that there is no other.
We believe that it is only by His grace through the faith that He gives are we able to know Him, trust Him, and be called His children.

Without Him we can do nothing. Without Him we are hopeless. Without Him we are lost. Without Him we are dead!

This ONE, TRUE, LIVING, GOD is the only hope, the only way, the only truth, and the only life and all else is a lie.

We know and believe that before He gave us this faith, we were hopeless, dead, and separated from Him. But because of His mercy and grace, He has given us the faith to believe that His Son (Jesus) has come into the world to save us from our selves and that He made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down His life for us to pay our debt of sin so that we may be reconciled to God forever.
It is only by the grace of God and only through the faith He gives that we know these things are true.

We did nothing to earn it. We can never repay it. Nor will we ever be good enough to obtain it for ourselves. It is absolutely His work alone.

We are CornerStonefaith.com, those who believe that Jesus is the chief cornerstone of our faith.