"In All Things" is the new EP by (People OF The Earth) and it is refreshingly individual. While most popular artist are putting out albums to please radio POTE gives us a true worship experience with this EP that I would imagine is pleasing to God. I had the pleasure to listen to this album while on the beach with loads of people and found myself lifting up my hands worshiping not caring who was watching.

The song "It All Belongs To You" is a powerful worship song that grabs the spirit and humbles the heart.

"In All Things" is a spiritual worship song that compels you to drop everything and be engaged in worship.

"Death Was Arrested" moved me to tears. I was overcome with praise to God. The vocals are amazing on this tract.

And the one that is my favorite was "That's Who Jesus Is". All I can say about this song is it is demon battling, life giving, soul freeing, and power receiving. And it's my favorite on the EP.

I really enjoyed this album and was so pleased with it's individuality and powerful lyrics. Be sure to get the EP "In All Things" by People Of The Earth now on iTunes

In All Things