There are few artist who are successful at moving through decades of new music styles but Stryper who started rocking in 1983 has done just that while remaining true to rock music. They did take a small break after 1991 but came back hard for Christ in 2003 and now in 2011 with the release of their album "The Covering" they have proven that they are still one of the best rockers in Christian music.

Lead singer Michal Sweet did keep making music during the break but they are still the same original members since the band started. There is obvious love and respect for each other and most of all for The Savior. Not threatened by the many different styles that rock music has taken on, Stryper has stood the test of time doing what they do in the way they have always done it and is still rocking harder than a lot of new bands gaining new fans with every album. It was a great honor speaking with Mr. Michael Sweet. It was so cool like talking with an Icon! Please enjoy this audio interview with Michael Sweet of the legendary band Stryper