Just the other day I watched David Boudia and his partner Steele Johnson say to the world that their Olympic silver metal didn't mean as much to them as who they were in Jesus Christ. They both stated that their identity was in Christ.

Tony and Michal of the Hip Hop duo Hazakim have many cultural identities being multi ethnic but they too would tell you that their identity was first believer and disciple of Jesus the Christ. Not identifying with any one group based on their complexion but only in who Christ says they are, Hazakim are not afraid to stand for truth.

They are Messianic Jews who have a gift for teaching the bible from a Jewish perspective through Hip Hop. In each albums they show clearly the deity of Christ through what the scriptures teach. One cannot help but to learn true theology from listening to their music. This is what sets Hazakim apart from most other Hip Hop artist. Being a part of an prestigious record label 'Lamp Mode Recordings' with artist like J'Son, Shai Linne, and others they are among the few artist that I would call true ministers through music. 

Their music doesn't just entertain you it is rich in sound doctrine and Jewish history with the intention to teach the world about who Jesus is and what He has done. There are very few Christian artist who put doctrine first in their music but it is not only at the forefront of their music but it is the very purpose for what they do.

Today an albums success is determined by how much radio play it gets or how many downloads it has had or how many people tell you how the album made them "feel". I would say that those are not what makes an album successful, perhaps for secular music but not for something that calls itself Christian. In Christian music this cannot be the case. If the music's purpose is to bring people to Christ then the success must only be measured by how honest it is, rich in doctrine, and it's ability to expose lies and promote the true Gospel while being relevant to today's culture and creatively presented. Therefore Hazakim is one of the few artist that I would consider truly successful. 

It was an honor to speak with Tony of the group about the importance of sound doctrine in music but also about some issues concerning the leading away from the faith based on where people place their allegiance. To anyone who is truly born again their first allegiance is to God and second to the body of Christ. But in these last days we are seeing a separation from those who deny themselves and follow Christ and those who follow blind leaders of this world. Please enjoy this bold and honest interview with Tony of Hazakim. It will be an encouragement to all those who truly follow Christ and a wake up call for those who only say they follow Christ.

And please visit Hazakim online to get their album 'The Son of Man' available now

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