The one you believe is the one you believe in! Do you believe in your doctors or your medication over The One who created you?  Do you believe that God in His infinite wisdom created you to be sick or that He put in you extra parts that need to be removed to make you feel better or can your pain and sickness be healed naturally? Did God create our bodies to be able to heal itself? Yes! The infinite wise God who knew there would be sin and therefore had a plan for your salvation before the foundations of the world also knew that there would be sickness and therefore gave your body the ability to be healed and to heal itself.  

Dr. Dan is a corrective chiropractor whose faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior led him to his profession where in his clinic "Family Health Chiropractic Center" in Tampa FL, he helps patients to heal from pain and sickness without medication or surgery. There truly is healing to be had when we first trust in God and second put that trust into action by educating ourselves on how our body works and why it works the way God designed it to.

The loving God who gave us His Son to die for our soul's freedom from eternal death also in His mercy gave our bodies a way to be free from pain and sickness. To learn more about Dr. Dan and to learn more about how the body works please visit Dr. Dan online at Please enjoy this interview with Dr. Dan Durrieu as he speaks about faith in The healer and how He created our bodies. Also please share this with anyone in your life who is suffering with pain and illness.

What are Symptoms?