Dr. Michael Brown is probably one of the most influential Pastors of our times. He is not only the host of 'The Line of Fire' a daily radio show where he discusses topics that impact our culture but he has written over twenty books where he uses scripture to speak to believers and non-believers to point them to Jesus the Messiah.

Dr. Brown has debated well respected rabbi's as well as pastors and professors. His knowledge of the scriptures is almost as large as his heart for the gospel.

As a messianic Jewish believer Dr. Brown uses his knowledge of Jewish history to teach believers about the Jewish Jesus to help strengthen our faith while giving us the tools we need to reach other Jews with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both his books and video series 'Answering The Jewish Objections to Jesus'. Dr. Brown not only ministers around the globe but also serves as president and professor at Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism School of Ministry.

With so many areas of knowledge we could have asked Dr. Brown just about anything and have gotten a deep theological answer for whatever we threw at him. Dr. Brown is a champion for the truth and for justice so in this interview we talk about the Christian allegiance during difficult times. These are topics that you can find Dr. Brown discussing everyday on his radio show 'The Line of Fire'.

You can listen to his radio show live on askdrbrown.org. There you will also find other resources such as books, videos, and articles written by Dr. Brown, as well as his latest book 'The Grace Controversy'.

His YouTube channel features 23 videos answering the questions to the Jewish objections to Jesus. These are videos that all believers must watch. I've personally watched almost all of them and have been richly blessed to have learned from them. When you understand the fullness of the sacrificial system set up by God through Moses it helps you to have a deeper understanding of what Jesus did on the cross. These videos are not only good for Jewish believers to understand why Jesus is the Messiah but also for non-Jews to understand that we are all one faith and that our faith is in the Jewish God because of what Jesus did by extending grace to the Gentiles through His blood. The many debate videos also dig deeper into scripture helping to assure believers of God's word equipping us with the knowledge to be able to defend our faith in any arena. You will also find interviews as well as sermons and lectures by Dr. Brown. His YouTube channel is like a school of theology for free!


Please enjoy this audio interview with Radio Host, Activist, International Speaker, Author, and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown