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We often forget as Christians that there is not only good news in The Bible for believers but also many warnings. The bible speaks of a great leading away in the last days. I think many forget that this means Christians (those who believe in Christ) will be lead away from the truth and therefore cast into the lake of fire. These warnings are not for unbelievers, otherwise it would be called the keeping away not the leading away.

The Bible warns of many who will deceive believers while themselves be deceived. Reverend Justin Peters is one of the faithful who not only warns about false prophets but boldly points them out. Some would say that he is wrong to do so but I have to wonder if those who say such are part of those who are being deceived or as The Bible put it "in that last days they will despise sound doctrine and heap up teachers for themselves", simply put, they will welcome these false prophets because they no longer want to hear the truth.

For those of us who want the truth of The Gospel it is refreshing to find someone so bold and strong in the faith that they would care more about the body of Christ than themselves and speak the truth no matter the cost. Reverend Justin Peters is one of those few who no matter what the cost will not stop speaking the truth.

We are fully aware that many would disagree with his teachings but the good news is they are not his but God's. Reverend Peters backs up every claim with God's word. So any arguments about his statements would not be against him (or but God Himself.

So it is with great pleasure that we share with you this audio interview with Reverend Justin Peters and pray that it frees many from the grips of the enemy that would try to lead them from the truth of The Gospel. For more information about Rev. Justin Peters and his ministry please visit him online at