• God's not dead! 2

    God's not dead! 2

    God is not dead! And these young ladies are not afraid to shout it to the world. Their music is energetic and will wake up any dead heart with the good news that God is alive and how great His love is for us. Although they are young they have already done huge things for the sake of the Gospel through their many mission trips and their music. And now they will add actresses to their already impressive resume. Although they may have small parts in the new move God''s Not Dead 2 these ladies have huge parts to play in the great commission. Please enjoy this interview with sisters Lauren and Brooke who are LOVE COLLIDE! And be sure to see the movie God''s Not Dead 2 in theaters soon! Please enjoy this audio interview with Lauren and Brooke DeLeary of Love Collide!

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Owlegories is a cute little message series that brings The Gospel to children in a way that is fun and educational.

Each volume has not only adventure but special guest as well as a new lesson of faith,

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